Storm Response Apps

Transform your approach to Storm Response

A complete array of innovative solutions for controllers, dispatchers, asset managers, field crews and contractors to help utilities transform their approach to storm response

Storm-icoStorm Manager

Provides business and operational staff with a holistic view of crews, customers, assets and environment

Storm-icoStorm Assessor

Enables field crews to capture vital field data on the impact of the storm in a variety of devices and formats

Storm-icoStorm Reporter

Allows consumers and field crews of other agencies to report observations of network damage description

Storm-icoStorm Center

A specific, cut-down, version of Storm Manager accessible via the web for customers and external stakeholders

Storm-icoIn-Field Controller

Enables selected field crews to take control of the make-safe, repair and restoration activities in a given network segment

Storm-icoStorm Dispatcher

Allows dispatchers to manage and monitor storm-related activities based on unique priorities and constraints of storms

Storm-icoField Responder

A specific, cut-down, version of other mobile apps that are tailored to use for storm response by inexperienced field

Storm-icoCondition Manager

Provides maintenance specialists / dispatchers with a record of all asset-related damage and follow-up work identified during storm

Storm-icoStorm Assistant

Enables field Enables general staff and/or field crews of other agencies to assist in ‘watch and guard’ activities at critical incidents until first responders can be on-site to make

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