Servicing and Repair Apps

Transform your approach to equipment servicing and repair

A suite of powerful apps for field crews, dispatchers and maintenance specialists

Repair-icoService Form Builder

Enables field service staff to configure electronic forms tailored for different activities and equipment types

Repair-icoPlanning Manager

Allows planners to collate work packages and plan / schedule orders to service crews for execution during allocated time windows

Repair-icoDispatch Manager

Enables dispatchers to allocate and dispatch orders to service crews, and then monitor the status of all types of field work

Repair-icoService Manager

Enables field service staff to process and act upon field feedback received from the service crews

Repair-icoOrder Manager

Service crews can manage their list of orders and execute high-level order-related workflows

Repair-icoService Reporter

Service crews can capture and return feedback against the service orders

Repair-icoEquipment Reporter

Specialist app for those service crews focused on more sophisticated equipment servicing and repair activities

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