PowerOn Mobile

GE Digital Energy’s PowerOn Mobile product suite

A suite of powerful modules to allow collaboration between controllers, dispatchers and field crews on real-time electrical network operations managed from PowerOn

PowerOn-icoPowerOn Mobile Core

Foundation app that enables field crews to update the status of fault outages and network switching

PowerOn-icoProgram Writer

Allows field crews to build switching programs from the field and submit to control for approval

PowerOn-icoDelegated Controller

Field crews can update switching programs in real-time with actions conducted under delegated control

PowerOn-icoIn-Field Controller

Senior field crews can control the network as if in the control room from the field

PowerOn-icoNetwork Viewer

Real-time network viewer that provides field crews with data on state of network to facilitate decision–making


Provides field crews with a view of the network that is enhanced with data sourced from multiple systems that assists with fault location and restoration strategies

PowerOn-icoOutage Reporter

Enables field crews to capture data on the nature of fault outage, repairs conducted and follow-up work

PowerOn-icoSmart Meter Analyser

Enables two-way, real-time, interaction with smart meters to facilitate fault outage restoration

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